Congratulations American Patriots For Voting And Saving Our Country!

Congratulations American Patriots!
The founders & Patriots of America

We all share in the happiness and results of the Elections from November  4th, 2014. Can you imagine what would have happened to our country if we had not won??? I shudder to think of the consequences!



Congratulations American Patriots For Voting And Saving Our Country!


For those of you who have been reading this Blog and the Posts we very much appreciate your doing so. If through our efforts and yours we were able to influence one voter to vote for support of the principles of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights then our mission has been accomplished! A group of seven very experienced American Patriots from across the U.S. , not previously knowing each other at all until some eight weeks before the election, all decided to bind together for the purpose of providing this blogging platform to communicate our common concerns and messages. We used this platform to reach out to our friends and contacts to see how many we could provide more powerful information upon which they could make their voting decision prior to the election. This non-affiliated group has now dissolved and this website is now available for further posting, change in content, and management through purchase of the site from the current author.

The current author of this Blog, Dan Norris, invites you to visit his personal blog called “The Conservative” with the URL of



As protectors of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights…we deserve to call ourselves American Patriots… and we are so ecstatic with the results of this past election…we are also totally disgusted with the irresponsible, incompetent, deceitful, lying, arrogant, uncaring, lazy, greedy, unskilled, racially biased and gender biased, devious, political idealog (and more) administration that has no interests in truly helping America and it’s citizens. There are so many who have put their political feelings before that of serving the American People that I wonder how we can ever trust in government again. The corruption present within this administration is almost beyond belief.

Congratulations American Patriots!
Democratic President

A political party is known by it’s leader.  The stated agenda of this President is to totally transform the face and lives of America and it’s Citizens, not for their improvement but for what has proven to be Marxist and Stalinist Principles that he has exercised to date.

Today, 11/15/2014, our President has yet to sincerely listen to the American People and how they voted on 11/4/2014, just eleven days ago. Even in his post-election speech on 11/5 he refused to acknowledge the will of the American People, pointed out that he heard from those who did not vote (people were not interested in his policies), and instead talked about how he would destroy America further through Executive Action on Illegal Immigration. Barack Obama seems very angry, immature, irresponsible, aggressive, and intent upon creating more anger in America by decreeing an Executive Order freeing some 5 million illegal immigrants. He does not care about the results from such an action, he only seems to care that this is a way to anger those who oppose him. These Marxist and Stalinist ways are intended to divide the opposing Political Parties and U.S. Citizens. Both the Congressional and Senatorial Leaders have advised him strongly not to take Executive Action, however  Mr. Obama has shown no indication that he realizes that it could have dire consequence for he and his Party. This is a sad commentary for our country and for Mr. Obama’s legacy.

President Obama had a full two year period at the front of his administration to accomplish whatever he wanted and he chose not to do anything on illegal immigration. His pleasures are those of destroying people, countries and relationships.  How much of a leader like this can a country take? The article below describes what American Patriots must overcome in order to restore our country to sanity.



American Thinker


Obama: The Affirmative Action President

By Matt Patterson                 August 18, 2011



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