Do The Clintons and The Liberal Media Control and Buy Liberal Voters?

Do The Clintons and The Liberal Media Control and Buy Liberal Voters?

Crooked Hillary
Dishonesty Does Not Pay!
No Matter What

As an American Citizen do you get sick of hearing the lies and distortions from Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and their Liberal Democratic surrogates…???

and do you get fed up with the lies and distortions of the main stream media companies that are supposed to bring you accurate and complete news? I do! Do you think that the largest donors to the Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign are among those who own the major tv news networks…ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN? Do you believe that these major donors that own these TV Networks limit and manipulate the content, quality and quantity of the news that you receive? I do, and millions of others know that they are and that they are controlling your minds, your votes, your employment opportunities and the political parties that you vote for…and ultimately your lifestyle.

Do you know this? Do you like it? Are you happy with it? How do you think you can change it? It is not by believing the same lying and incomplete news reporting that they are giving you. All of these reporters are paid to tell you their scripted messages and to mislead you in many ways. Rush Limbaugh today quoted 10 liberal commentators from Tuesday nights VP debate and every one of them cited that Pence was preparing for a 2020 Presidential run. That would be a miracle that 10 Liberal news commentators all came up with the same identical comment within a few hours of such an event. Ladies and Gentleman..the LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS A SCRIPTED CORRUPT ORGANIZATION FINANCED BY WEALTHY CONTROL FREAKS WHO WANT TO KEEP YOU BROKE AND UNHAPPY!!!

How ignorant does the mainstream media think you are???

To change this you must vote for the other Party to get your voice. The Libs believe they have you locked up with your 70-98% vote every election no matter how much they screw up your life and your livelihood.

Think about this…if 90% to 98% of the Black American voters consistently vote for Democrats no matter how qualified the candidates are then that has to be a RACIST vote…it cannot be described as an intelligent vote based on your principles and values…it is a RACIST vote. It says that you do not think for yourself…it says that you only vote BECAUSE OF the color of your skin or ethnic background…it says that you are not using your God-given INTELLIGENCE however are using your “manipulated feelings” to develop your voting preference. The fact that the Republicans have not offered to you candidates that SHOW YOU THEY want to help you out of your political quagmire of politicians who are buying your vote and your livelihood, it does mean that they have given up on your voting bloc as unapproachable. And now the Republicans have a Candidate who has the confidence to ask you to vote for him and that you have “NOTHING TO LOSE” …and YOU MUST KNOW THAT millions of Black Americans who are going to vote for Donald Trump…then I suggest that it is time for you to stop voting for your RACE and start voting for yourself, your family, friends, children, grandchildren and America. We are too great a country to let a lying, manipulating corrupt candidate and corrupt media to destroy your lives.

This election you have a chance to elect leaders in Donald Trump and Mike Pence who truly can help you improve your life in so many ways…maybe not perfect…but they are totally free of the political corruption that you are getting now.

Crooked Hillary
Hillary’s Accomplishments

The sad truth my friend is that if you do not vote for the Republican Party this election… by all indications this Clinton Democratic Party will give your country up to Illegal Immigrants, to the Islamic Terrorists, to the United Nations…and/or a group of very wealthy elitists called the Bilderberg Group or something similar called the Global World Order…WHICH TODAY IS SUPPORTED BY THE INSIDE WASHINGTON CROWD WHO ARE DESPERATE TO KEEP DONALD TRUMP FROM DESTROYING THEIR INSIDE CROWD OF THE GLOBAL WORLD ORDER WHICH MEANS THE UN OR THE RICH ELITE..OR THE RUSSIANS OR CHINESE OR IRANIANS OR ISIS…And if you are watching the world leaders, many countries would like to take over or destroy by nuclear force the U.S. including Russia, Iran, China, North Korea and ISIS. You really need to understand what is happening today and use your God-given intelligence.

Crooked Hillary
What Happened to $6 Million of Taxpayer MONEY Hillary?

Do you feel this is a good time to elect a corrupt female who has no real accomplishments, has limited stamina, is elderly, has more than 15 corrupt criminal charges filed against her and has many that believe that more than 56 people who had truthful information are no longer alive, in addition to the 4 brave Americans in Benghazi whom she refused to support.

Has the main stream Liberal Media reported to you that Time Warner Cable that owns CNN….your favorite tv station… has donated the following..

Haim Saban and family: $10.1 million   Owner of Bezeq and Univision, the largest U.S. Spanish language television network

J.B. Pritzker and family: $8.3 million   The Pritzker’s family foundation has co-sponsored Clinton Global Initiative meetings and gave more than $10 million to the Clinton Foundation

Donald Sussman: $8.1 million    Early investors included members of the Tisch family, owners of the CBS Television Network, Lollilard Tobacco and Loews Corporation. John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman, also serves on the board of Democracy Alliance network of progressive donors and on the board of the Center for American Progress.

George Soros: $7 million  According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, he’s now worth $24.7 billion and continues to invest through Soros Fund Management, a family firm. Since 2003, Soros has contributed $54 million to federal candidates and committees.

James Simons: $7 million   Simons, who’s worth $15.5 billion, and his wife Marilyn have given $33.7 million to federal candidates and committees since 2003.

Fred Eychaner: $5 million   The Clinton Foundation is among the charitable organizations he supports. He’s given it more than $25 million.

CNN and Parent Time Warner Cable:  Ranked 9th as the largest donators with $812,368 to Hillary Clinton for President.

And CNN’s ranking is behind #1 University of California, Emily’s List, JP Morgan Chase and Co, Citigroup Inc, Goldman Sachs, DLA Piper, Morgan Stanley, and Alphabet Inc. Most all these organizations have paid Bill Clinton hundreds of thousands of dollars for one hour speeches. Do you believe these donors are trying to help you or are they paying Hillary and Bill for the favors they will get by making huge donations? Can you figure this out or will you continue taking having your life being manipulated by crooks and criminals.

And this dishonesty is reported by so many legitimate sources. 9 of 10 of the people that I come into contact with tell me they believe the same way. So how have Liberal Democrats managed to manipulate Black Americans and Latinos for nearly 60 years with empty promises left unfulfilled after the voting season is over?

So with inaction like this I am amazed that so many people in America believe that Liberal Democrats will take any positive actions to improve the lives of their minority voters. Liberal Democrats buy the votes of their voters with promises of programs to benefit them…and in the process manage to destroy these same peoples lives. Witness the destruction of the Black Family Father by paying the mother of the family $600-$800 per father-less child which destroyed American Black Families. During the last 8 years with Obama we have experienced the slowest recovery from a recession since the 1930’s…and Democrat Legislator’s Barney Frank and Chris Dodd are the two major reasons that such a recession occurred.

Now we have 93 million Americans who have withdrawn from either applying for work or are receiving so many government benefits that they are better off financially if they do not work. Our current leadership applying massive regulations and no experience…and with little motivation to do anything to restore good jobs to our country. Our current leadership has displayed so much corruption and attempted to create so much dissension between American citizens that our country is so divided it is now hard to believe this is America. And my mind was trained in the 1960’s to be void of any racial and sexual prejudices..and still is that .


I watch and listen with so much pride to so many high integrity, honest, moral, ethical, brilliant, valued leaders within the Black American and Latino communities…mentioning just a few like Herman Cain, Sheriff Clark, Larry Elder, Mia Love, Ben Carson, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, Clarence Thomas, Tim Scott, Jason Riley, Shaquille O’Neal, Allen West, and the unforgettable Diamonds and Silk at

My call to action is for each person who is currently thinking of voting for Hillary Clinton for President for 2016…that you STOP…consider the available facts…understand the facts and make a serious, responsible decision for your country….this is not about her…she wants you to stand with her…this is about you, your family and friends, your kids, your grandkids…and this country. You will decide that you will not vote for Hillary Clinton…that after much consideration that you will vote for Donald Trump and Michael Pence which is a vote for America’s Security and Prosperity!!!

Crooked Hillary
Does It Matter To You?
Will You Save This Country?

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