Americans Said NO to Obamacare in 2009!!! – Dems Refused To Listen!


Americans Said No To Obamacare
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Millions of Americans objected strongly in 2009 asking that Obamacare not be passed. The President and the Democratic Senators and Congressmen refused to listen to the appeals and logic of these Americans. Several videos below made in 2009 show Americans who have traveled to Washington to request stoppage of the Obamacare Bill. As he was then and does now in Congressional Hearings, Elijah Cummings, Democratic Congressman, walked through the crowds then and listened to these strong objections.

Americans Said NO to Obamacare in 2009!!! – Dems Refused To Listen!

The mainstream media refused to support these Americans and continues to label them as the conservative minority that were just dissidents. It is truly the media that are off-course, wrong-minded and do not fulfill their responsibilities for fulfilling their professional reporting obligations timely of factual and true information. Like the President and Attorney General who only support the laws that they like, the media only support the news that they choose to report. This leads to a very sad state of affairs in this country.

The media are complicit in perpetrating the greatest personal fraudulent schemes  and destructive actions ever on the American people in support of the Affordable Care Act. Further the President and his Administration  continue to waste and mismanage billions of American citizen’s hard earned tax dollars. Today’s example is the use of popular sports heroes to promote Obamacare…unfortunately these professional athletes probably have no insightful knowledge of the horrible personal and financial damage that the ACA is perpetrating on the American Society and People.  This president will use any method to accomplish his goal…without regard as to whether it is to the benefit or detriment of the American People.

Watch and listen to the several videos provided by the Patriot Action Network below. Many of these Americans shown in the videos drove all night to get to Washington to express their opposition to the passage of Obamacare.  Now five years later and billions of dollars wasted, the President has lied to the American People many times about “you can keep your current policy” and “you can keep your current doctor”, and has personally and unconstitutionally modified the Obamacare Bill more than 30 times just trying to save it from self-destruction. He has exempted his cronies including those who contribute major dollars to his campaign. In short the President’s actions appear to be very corrupt and in all likelihood would not withstand a federal independent or grand jury investigation. Unlike the President’s assertion that there is not a smidgen of evidence of wrongdoing by the IRS in his Administration, I will give him the benefit of having the investigation completed before conviction or acquittal.

Many Americans believe that this President and this Administration are acting illegally and unlawfully and are not fulfilling their Constitutional Oaths of Office. We ask our Congress, Senate and State Legislators to take immediate actions to stop the waste of money and the personal and cruel damage to the Citizens of these United States.

If you believe in what is shown and written in this post and these videos I encourage you to contact your United States Congressmen, Senators, the President, and your State Legislators to express your opinions.

And most importantly, please rally everyone that you know to come out and vote in all forthcoming elections, especially the 2014 Congressional and Senatorial Elections. It is vital that we get all thinking and conscious Americans to express their Constitutional Rights to vote and to correct this horrible socialistic aberration that is underway now by this Administration. If you like your President, Congressmen and Senators, you can keep them. I choose not for most of them, especially those committed to liberal opinions and/or controlled by the capitalistic and financial lobbyists and power mongers! Just because the political funding system is rotten does not mean that we must re-elect legislators that benefit from the system.


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