American Patriots Unite

American Patriots Unite is a Blog for Conservative Americans that believe in abiding by the United States Constitution, much more efficient government that eliminates wasteful spending, state authority by invoking the power of the Convention of States, repealing the 16th Amendment and the Income Tax, including eliminating the IRS, implementing the Fair Tax, implementing Term Limits for all of the Congress and the Senate, and limiting amount of political donations for any individual, corporation or other similar entity.

This Blog is not aligned or affiliated with any Party however subscribes to the principles of the documents developed by the Founders of the United States of America.

Extracted from a series of  Letters by Samuel Morse in 1835 to the New York Observer…  A nation of Protestant freemen, nurtured in Protestant principles, the only true principles of liberty, principles wrested from tyranny by the persevering valor of their fathers, the result of the intellectual, aye, and physical combats of centuries, the fruits of obstinately contested struggles with despotism, and superstition, and bigotry, struggles of ages against the united intrigues of kingcraft and priest-craft; Americans, thus emancipated, having enjoyed the peaceful fruits of these blood-earned truths for two centuries, at length grow careless of their treasure; they sport with their liberty as if it were nothing worth; they grow weary of guarding their happiness, they sleep on their posts, they settle down into quiet security. 

Today we must restore the United States of America to the principles and design as intended by our Founding Fathers!

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