Action Plan For Concerned Conservative Americans

action plan for concerned conservatives

Yesterday I published a post entitled…


This is a follow-up to that post to confirm and expand on the several actions that Conservative and Independent Americans need to take to restore this country to greatness.  These are all personal opinions based upon conversations and input from thousands of Americans, and it is up to you to decide if you want to support these plans or to follow the direction of other options.

As a college graduate,  a U.S. Army Veteran, a proven professional in many fields with 58 years of successful business experience, a Christian, and a devout Patriot of the United States of America, I ask for your active support in taking back our Country from the throes of many corrupt politicians. These politicians have found that they can vote and arrange privileges for themselves which are self-serving and are not in the best interests of the United States. No republic has ever lasted more than 200 years when politicians find that they can game the system…and many of our politicians are living in their own lavish paradise of power and wealth.

It is time that we applied the brakes to this corruption as our current leadership has decided not to abide by the United States Constitution. Our current President and Administration decide which laws they like and which they will enforce. Sorry Mr. POTUS, this is not the way that our country works and you really work for us sir, contrary to your personal beliefs.

Having said that…what actions do  Concerned Conservatives need to take? These are personal actions that you need to take…get involved..if you are like me you wonder if all the calls and emails to our legislators ever do any good…let’s take real action on the following…

Action Plan For Concerned Conservative Americans

We are fortunate to have thousands of individuals and organizations within the United States that have common goals and concerns about the illegal and lawless actions now being perpetrated on American Citizens.  Millions are crying out…what can we do? What we must do my fellow Americans is to come together on our principles and our beliefs and take actions, lawful peaceful actions under the framework of the United States Constitution, to take back our country. There are many action plans underway and it is important that you understand and comprehend what they are and the importance of each so that we can be totally successful.

I will provide blog posts describing some of the most important actions.  Our overall needs for action beginning with the following…


Operation American Spring

Actions Needed By Concerned Conservatives
Operation American Spring

Visit this site and read about what you can do to participate in a major peaceful movement to take back America! Read carefully the overall detailed plan of “Operation American Spring” and how you can participate.  Join this organizations action plan through participation.

Read more:


actions needed by concerned conservatives
Convention of States

Read more:


Needs for action by conservative americans
Repeal 16

Repeal 16

HJ Res 104 will repeal the 16th Amendment which allows the federal government to levy the income tax

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Needs for action by concerned conservatives


Needs for action by conserned conservatives
What Is Fair Tax


Only the FairTax IRS


Our Tax System Is Broken

Today, our current tax system consists of over 73,000 pages! How can any one person understand something of this size?

You can’t because there is nothing simple or easy about our current tax code. We can’t find anyone who doesn’t agree that our system is broken. Can you?

We have the solution.


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