#1 Priority Now!

This post is written directly to attention of Mr. John Kerry, the Secretary of the U.S. Department of State, Mr. Barack Obama, President of the United States, and to all employees of the U.S. State Department. This would be a great candidate for an Executive Order!

#1 Priority Now!


This post is also to all United States Senators and Congressmen as we request that you take every action immediately to help save the lives ot Afghanistan and Iraq citizens who have assisted our military over many years. And Mr. Kerry, are you negotiating the release of the Pakistani doctor who led us to Osama bin Laden?

Please, for the integrity of America and lives ot those involved, please reach out and do the right things immediately to protect these brave foreign citizens who have helped us immensely. Otherwise these citizens in all likelihood will be assassinated very soon.

Written in the New York Times yesterday was the article below.

Mr. Dennis Prager focused on this article and on the lack of attention that our State Department is apparently giving to these foreign citizens that have helped us for years.

As Mr. Prager states, “Is there one thing that is more important for the State Department to do right now than to protect and give immediate visas to these foreign citizens that have helped our American forces”?


What Is Important To Our State Department?
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On Dennis’s radio show tonight he expressed his strong disappointment with the U.S.  State Department for their lack of action in protecting foreign citizens who have helped our country tremendously. He asked…When do we stop helping people who help us?  Our military is committed to never leaving anyone behind…why does our government not have an equal commitment…especially our State Department?

Dennis read the following article posted by the New York Times on March 24,2014…

Credit Mauricio Lima for The New York
Raiz Ahmad, left, and Mirwais, Afghan interpreters, in Kabul last month. Mr. Ahmad says his two brothers were killed in 2012 because of his work for the Army.
Credit Mauricio Lima for The New York Times

The New York Times

Afghans Who Helped the U.S. Fear That Time for Visas Has Run Out

By AZAM AHMED          

KABUL, Afghanistan — Raiz Ahmad may have the saddest vantage of the United States’ failure to issue visas to thousands of Afghans who put themselves at risk by helping Americans during the war.

As an administrator for the American military’s interpreter program, Mr. Ahmad sees dozens of Afghan interpreters every day, waiting for their visas and racked by fear ahead of the military withdrawal. Some can no longer go home — the Taliban control their villages.

But his own story is among the most painful of all. In late 2012, while he was traveling home with his two brothers, insurgents opened fire on their vehicle. He suffered multiple gunshot wounds. His brothers, a doctor and an engineer, were killed.

“I was the one supporting the U.S. Army, not my brothers,” said Mr. Ahmad, who applied for his own visa in 2012. “It’s because of me they died.”

Mr. Ahmad oversees a frightened demographic of Afghans whose vulnerability is increasing at a crucial moment of uncertainty. With the Western troop withdrawal deadline looming at year’s end, and given the recent bloom of tension between Afghan and American officials at the highest levels, Afghans awaiting special immigration visas fear that their time for receiving one has run out.

American officials say that through most of the program’s history, the State Department fell behind in granting visas, and as a result, nearly half of the number once available have simply expired because they are canceled if they sit unused for two years.

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